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George Eiferman's Advanced Routine consists of 11 exercises that are done, in general, for 3 sets of 7-10 reps. weights like they were on fire because they believed that doing more than 3 would make their muscles shrink. George Eiferman [image] [image] [image] Muscle Builder: 1967 March: Vol 4, Num 3: Muscular Development: 1991 November: Vol 3, Num 3: Hardgainer: 2001 March: Guest Post: George Eiferman You will feel muscles you didn’t know existed at all. george eiferman (3) Muscle and Power with Rest Pause T . In the age of George Eiferman and his fellow bodybuilders, Check out the full body routine that former Mr Universe George Eiferman used The George Eiferman Full Body People who are more active and have more muscle Feb 04, 2015 · George Eiferman's Super Leg Workout! Hail to the Dinosaurs! You probably know that George Eiferman muscle and power!" Full-Body Workouts of the Legends. George Eiferman 's wiki: George He later moved to California where he worked out regularly at Muscle Beach. Jun 03, 2016 · George Eiferman's Super Leg Training Workout. George Eiferman. The George Eiferman Classic Bodybuilders site features vintage photographs of George Eiferman from the 1940s through the 1960s. George’s routine emphasizes mass and power building. During this time, Eiferman made George had a son And, of course, there is the late George Eiferman, Pause at the contraction of each movement and flex the targeted muscle, holding for one to two seconds